Family coaching sessions

An introduction to Family Coaching Sessions

Family dynamics, the pressures of parenting, the expectations of today’s society, the relationship with school…. They can all influence the balance within the home and family dynamics. 

We offer coaching specifically within the context of family; supporting you in creating a pathway back to a more balanced and harmonious life with your loved ones. We work with the whole or part of the family and welcome all levels of challenges or circumstances that you might be experiencing. 

Albeit not an exhaustive list, here are a range of the situations we typically support our families with:

  • How to navigate periods of transition – Parents separating, bereavement, transitioning into teenage years, changing schools
  • Difficulty within the school environment – Disengagement, bullying, anxiety, pressure
  • Managing mental health – Autism spectrum conditions, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self-harm
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder – Post-accident, post-trauma, inner-child healing

Who will benefit from family coaching?

Any member of the family regardless of the family status. We work with parents, carers and children who may be experiencing challenges with inter-family relationships. These can be a result of direct or indirect challenges that have been encountered.

How it works at Learning to Listen

Our highly experienced coaching team are able to access our therapeutic equine herd to harness the power of Equine Facilitated Learning. This enables each family member to recognise their part in the family dynamics, allowing them to raise self-awareness, reframe unhelpful perceptions and take positive actions to enable sustainable desired change.

The process is highly supportive whilst at times challenging. Our coaching methods are advanced, we encompass a conscious and skilled balance of support and challenge to ensure that we are always working at a transformational level. We believe that by committing to the very highest level of coaching practice, we are then are able to serve our families to the best of our abilities and for the greater good of all.


Family coaching for Mother and Daughter with Autism Spectrum Condition (names changed to protect confidentiality).

“I wanted to email you and the team to say how amazing I think you are and to give you some specific feedback about what you did especially well. Firstly, that you met *Sophie with kindness and flexibility and you were quickly able to see that what she says and what she means are often so very far apart! You stayed true to your processes throughout and you worked hard to show her that she could trust you and that you would always listen.

From a professional point of view, seeing how the horse’s kind of translate and amplify whatever the human is experiencing was so interesting. It was also great to see you have complete faith in the approach and models that you use even when things were tricky. In my background we always said that ’the wisdom is in the system’ which applied to both the process and to the individuals’ own systems. It’s something I truly believe, and it was great to see you doing your version of that.”

Sophie is telling family and friends that she will be coming back after the summer so that is a very good sign.

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