Kids club

Children at our EFL after school club

What is Kids Club?

Our kids club is a popular after school session run weekly on a Thursday 4.30pm – 6pm. We welcome a diverse group of children, some of whom will be managing physical and/or mental health challenges. The kids club presents a wonderful opportunity for children who perhaps don’t face such obvious challenges, to build understanding, knowledge and empathy for all others regardless of their circumstances.

During the one and half hours they are with us, the children have the chance to explore the many opportunities available on the farm. They will work with our ponies on the ground and also get the chance to ride, we also offer rural based activities such as equine facilitated learning, horse riding, adventure walks, bug hunting, bush craft, outdoor arts and crafts.

The environment encourages the freedom to explore. Our talented coaches apply their skills and knowledge to support the children in not just learning new skills in whatever activity they are engaging with, but also how to; grow self-awareness, work on their relationship building skills, understand the environment, care for animals, care for themselves and each other, create a deeper connection with nature, empathise, build confidence and self-esteem

Who is it for?

For children who love being outdoors, aged 6 to 14 years old. Our kids club children come to the farm to enjoy this unique opportunity for many reasons. We welcome all, including those who are neuro-diverse, neuro-typical, experience social anxiety, have a love of horses, enjoy learning new things in a pressure free environment, have experienced trauma, or just love the idea of hanging out at the farm with our fab human and animal team.

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