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Grow as a leader

Horses bring a thought provoking approach to the idea of leadership development skills and set a high bar when it comes to authenticity, getting the job done and keeping your people with you. 

You and your leaders will learn a lot about your leadership style by working alongside the horses to achieve different goals. These new insights can be mapped directly across into your leadership and management techniques in the workplace and used immediately.

Develop your team

Horses bring a new and different approach to the idea of Team Development and are unique in their approach to working together to get the job done. Your team will develop by working alongside the horses to achieve their different goals. The insights they gain into working together as a team can be translated into the workplace, developing their skills to perform as a team.

Who are the leadership coaching programmes for?

If you are looking to develop your leadership skills or your leaders within your business, then our leadership development programmes are designed to inspire and challenge you.  We do this by giving you the opportunity to work with a half ton animal with a mind of its own – the horse.  

Between you and the horse, one of you will become the leader. If you don’t step up into the leadership role the horse will and before you know it they will be doing exactly what they want to do, which is mostly eating grass!

Who are the team development coaching programmes for?

Whether you are looking for a fun team-building day out or breakthrough team development training programme, our Learning to Listen trainers will deliver beyond your expectations.

No horse experience required

No horse experience is necessary at all as you will be taught basic skills and be given a health and safety brief on the day.

Ready to start your transformation? Speak to the team today and we’ll schedule an initial conversation to explore how leadership and team training will be able to your business and personal and professional development.

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