THe warrior programme

An introduction to The Warrior Programme

The Learning to Listen Warrior Programme is a personal and professional development programme designed to get to the heart of what you need to work on in this moment. 

You may be looking to raise your confidence, speak up more, be more honest, take stock of your life, improve your relationships, work on your leadership skills or deal with conflict in a healthier and more effective way. Whatever your reason, the Warrior Programme will help you explore where you need to achieve a breakthrough.

Who is The Warrior Programme for?

The Learning to Listen Warrior Coaching Programme is beneficial to people of all ages and life stages.  If you are a small business owner looking to grow professionally, or an individual looking to develop and make changes, the Learning To Listen Warrior Programme offers you a holistic approach to development from within.

The Warrior Programme has three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. We recommend that you start at the Foundation Level as each level builds on the one before. You will study Learning to Listen’s unique way of working and this can lead to certification in Equine Facilitation if you would like to deliver this work to others.

Foundation Level

A 6 day programme, this course covers the Foundation level concepts and exercises in the Learning to Listen methodology.

Intermediate Level

A 6 day programme this course is designed to build on the Foundation Level embedding previous learning and covering further concepts.

Advanced Level

A 16 day programme, taking place 2 days per month and leading to an ILM 5 qualification in coaching from the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

How the Warrior Programme works

Know Thy Self – raising awareness, removing limiting beliefs, breaking old patterns, moving from fear to love, personal contracting and generally recognising how our own ‘maps’ of the world create our reality.

Leadership – Looking at how you lead yourself, your family, your children & your life. Becoming an authentic leader, recognising the roles you play and how you can be true to yourself.  Creating internal and external environments which enable others to follow you.

Adversity – Looking at what’s not working for you, taking responsibility for your choices and behaviours, being honest and supporting you with strategies in ‘holding your shape’.

Teamwork – Looking at how you work in a team/family, how you are communicating your needs and what you want, how you offer feedback and set clear boundaries.

Success – Looking at how you celebrate your successes, no matter how small and how we are modelling this for others. Celebrating your success with others in the group and your life.

We do encourage you to visit us before embarking on the programme; this is an opportunity to have all your questions answered, meet us and the horses and make sure this is the right choice for you.

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