Our herd leaders...

To keep the integrity of any organisation, the leaders must be aligned in the values of the mission, have a clear vision of where the direction and the destination are heading and also hold a framework that is both sure and agile.

Joanne Richardson is the Owner, Director and Head Coach at the farm. 

Our story and what we stand for...

Our story is rooted in our absolute love of horses. It feels like many years ago, (because it is!) that this passion and interest in all things equine, created an incredible pathway that initially led to working with troubled horses who were often misunderstood, labelled as naughty, considered dangerous and out of control.

We learnt to work with these magnificent, non-verbal beings, in a non-invasive way that was not about force, but also in a way that produced fast turn-around outcomes. We learned so much about behaviour, boundaries, balance, timing, feel, fairness, non-verbal communication, connection, congruence and ultimately love. They were our teachers and we were theirs.


Our EFL after school club

Fast forward...

Fast forward to today and Learning to Listen is entering yet another new chapter of exciting development. We could never have originally imagined that the natural progression from all we gathered and learnt from helping many beautiful equines, was to ultimately equip us and fuel a deep passion in us, to be able to do the very same for people.

The horses let us know over and over again, that whilst they could change the unhelpful behaviours they had come to learn, the reality was, if nothing else changed, such as the environment, the connection, being pain free or just simply being listened to, then those behaviours would emerge again – often even more powerfully than before.

They were often caught in the trap of not being able to influence those external factors… but as people, possessing the power of language, we so often can make changes, we can seek help, decide to take steps towards a different outcome, consciously create more choice or at the very least let another know what we need.


And here we are now...

And so, there it begins, our life long mission to show people, regardless of agestatus, position or power just what they can do, rather than what they feel they ‘can’t’.

We meet many clients both children and adults who have suffered trauma, and who have had encounters or experiences that are unjust – the situations encountered are often of the nature that could never be condoned. However, we also believe that no matter how painful, no past experience has to define what is possible to experience or achieve in the future.

We are absolutely committed to taking a gentle approach, in our pressure free environment. We don’t buy in to traditional outdated methods, limited beliefs, task before relationship, or pushing things ‘out of time’, .  We support those on their journey back to themselves, a journey which we know is likely to be challenging at times but one that we completely believe in for ourselves and for all our clients and students. It is the path back to freedom and acceptance and we walk side by side with everyone who comes to us to get there.



Personal & Professional Growth

One to One

The powerful impact of Life Coaching and Executive Coaching, combined with the wisdom and power of the horse.  

The Warrior

The Warrior – our flagship self-development programme. Supporting your development in all areas of your life.

Train as a
Equine Coach

Train and qualify with us over this extensive 12 month programme, gaining full accreditation as an Equine Facilitated Coach. 

Leadership &
Team Training

Develop your Organisation’s Leaders, train your Team/s. Uniquely delivered through our Equine Facilitated Corporate Programmes.

Everything for Family & Young People

Coaching Sessions

Our family coaching is specifically designed to support and positively impact family dynamics, regardless of the status of the family and the challenges at hand.

Education Provision

We work with young people who find mainstream education challenging or inaccessible. Our approach is designed to ensure effectiveness therapeutically and educationally.

Our forthcoming new

We are in the process of opening a dedicated school  here at the farm. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development. Contact us to register your interest in a place.


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We partner with amazing companies for transformation

True Northe

Our very powerful coaching offers are made possible through the strong collaboration we enjoy with Sarah Ilaria Northe and her True Northe Coaching Academy. Sarah is a deeply intuitive coach and healer and extremely experienced coach trainer and supervisor. The partnership which unites her Transformational Coaching Process with our equine expertise results in a completely unique and profoundly powerful process for healing, growth and transformation.

All of our coaches are trained and supervised through the True Northe Academy and we continue to develop cutting edge offerings in collaboration with this very experienced partner. Our Equine Facilitated Coaching Programme offers a magical combination of our Equine Concepts and True Northe’s Transformational Coaching Certification and Sarah’s models and processes support all of our transformative practice, leading us to continually develop new ways of working.

Through this beautiful partnership we are also able to offer retreats, coaching workshops and supervision as well as a pathway into the Inner Child Transformation Process and other unconscious processes developed by Sarah.

GRIT; Charity

We have a wonderful collaborative partnership with GRIT; Charity.

GRIT; is a charity dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of teenagers. Our partnership has designed a joint boxing and coaching programme to create an innovative and exciting approach in engaging teens in a pioneering and creative way. The programme is specifically designed to help reduce anxiety and self destructive behaviours whilst building resilience. Resilient teenagers – resilience being the ability to recover from difficult situations – are more prepared to seek new experiences and opportunities and take reasonable risks in order to achieve their goals.

As two organisations working within this space, we are aware of the increasing pressures that teenagers today are facing which results in low self esteem and anxiety. This can then lead on to self destructive behaviours which can be distressing for both the teenager and those close to them, our partnership is committed to reaching as many teens as possible to support the interruption and transformation of destructive behaviours

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