Who is the Alternative Education Provision for?

We work with young people from 8 to 18 year olds.

The young people we typically welcome to the farm are those who are finding their current mainstream setting difficult to cope with, those at risk of exclusion or young people who not able to access school at all.

We work closely with the surrounding Local Authorities, The Virtual School, a variety of local schools directly and we also welcome individual families to contact us directly to discuss specific requirements.

How It Works

Our Approach

The way we work is gentle and importantly pressure free, however we hold a strong framework of boundaries to ensure that our young people and coaches are emotionally and physically safe in the environment. 


Our approach is tailored to each student based on their individual needs and behaviours.

We do, where appropriate,  integrate elements of the school based learning curriculum into the time and activities that are accessed on the farm.

Our Facilities

Our environment supports a wide variety of learning styles and preferences for our young people. It is largely an outdoor based environment and we actively use our equine herd, the farm’s dogs, our small animals, bushcraft skills and the garden to engage with students and work in a varied way so we can assess what works best with particular individual needs.

Our Focus

The overall focus for our younger students tends to be typically more centred around addressing behaviours, building self-esteem, teaching self-regulation and working on relationship building, especially in the initial stages of building our relationships with them. We do also have as part of the team specialist tutors to teach core curriculum subjects.

Supporting Families

With regards to extending the working relationships beyond our young people, we work with schools, parents, carers and any other stakeholders to ensure a joined-up and holistic approach. This ensures that the positive impact, the overall wellbeing and support for our young people is at the forefront of all that we do.

Building Confidence

Our priority is to help young people and families build emotional well-being, engagement and self-awareness. We focus on helping our young people understand what ‘healthy relationships require and how they can grow their self-esteem and resilience.

Placement Time

Our recommendation to enrol students for a minimum commitment of a term for an agreed number of one-to-one 2-hour sessions per week, (though we will accept an enrolment for a half term as long as the expectations for outcomes are in line with the timeframe). The minimum number of hours required is 2 per week up to a maximum of 15 per week.

Typically, the development could then be progressed into working along-side other students. This then creates further opportunities to stretch the students, building the capacity for development in all areas beyond the one-to-one scenario. 


Our team are all qualified coaches, they have also undergone extensive training to enable them to work in a therapeutic approach. They are specialists in behaviour, which enables them to build a deeper connection and understanding of the challenges and behavioural patterns that our young people are typically experiencing. 

Practical Skills

The practical and dextral skills and abilities are a key area we consciously look at opportunities to develop. Students work with us practically in our environment, be it riding a pony or learning how to prepare a vegetable patch for planting, they are all highly valuable transferable life skills.

We submit termly evaluation reports on our student’s sessions.






Our Family Coaching Sessions

Family dynamics, the pressures of parenting, the expectations of today’s society, the relationship with school…. They can all influence the balance within the home and family dynamics.

We offer coaching specifically within the context of family; supporting you in creating a pathway back to a more balanced and harmonious life with your loved ones. We work with the whole or part of the family and welcome all levels of challenges or circumstances that you might be experiencing.


How to navigate periods of transition

Parents separating, bereavement, transitioning into teenage years, changing schools.

Difficulty within the school environment

Disengagement, bullying, anxiety, pressure.

Managing mental health

Autism spectrum conditions, depression, anxiety, personality disorders, self-harm.

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Post-accident, post-trauma, inner-child healing.

Who will benefit from family coaching?

Any member of the family regardless of the family status. We work with parents, carers and children who may be experiencing challenges with inter-family relationships. These can be a result of direct or indirect challenges that have been encountered.


Guided Therapy

Our highly experienced coaching team are able to access our therapeutic equine herd to harness the power of Equine Facilitated Learning. This enables each family member to recognise their part in the family dynamics, allowing them to gently raise self-awareness, reframe unhelpful perceptions and take positive actions to enable sustainable desired change.

Transformative Changes

The process is highly supportive whilst at times challenging. Our coaching methods are advanced, we encompass a conscious and skilled balance of support and challenge to ensure that we are always working at a transformational level. We believe that by committing to the very highest level of coaching practice, we are then are able to serve our clients to the best of our abilities and for the greater good of all.


Farm Visit

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Thank you so much for your time today.  It was so lovely to meet you and to have a tour of the site.  Despite the cold, gloomy January afternoon there was such warmth radiating around everywhere and it was a pleasure to feel it."

Growing in Confidence

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"She looks forward to it every session , and I personally have seen the increase in confidence.

Miracle workers!

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"I can see how happy X is at L2L with you and how the L2L strategies and philosophy continue to be transformative for X. I still don't know what we would of done without that place, it has opened up a world for her to explore :-)....Miracle workers!

Recovering Self Esteem

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work you have done with x over the last term and a half. I know you are very aware of the struggles that children like x face and in the past it has been heartbreaking seeing them exhausted and defeated. Finding Learning to Listen and finding you really has helped to set x on a path to recovering their self esteem and just as importantly their sense of humor." 

It is truly incredible!

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"I honestly think your provision is worth it's weight in gold and I highly recommend any parent and child with additional needs to look into this.

I have never seen my daughter attend anything and come out at the end relaxed, happy and at peace! I wish I could bottle this experience and feelings up and give it to her on the difficult days!
It is truly incredible! 
Thank you so much to you all for providing a safe place for children who have to fight the biggest battles everyday to fit into boxes in society which is not equipped to contain them- it is exhausting.  you give them something that money can not buy, and that is empowerment and peace of mind." 

Full Family Support

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Thank you all for the help and support LtL staff have given to X and our family

Enlightening Parenting Programme

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"The bridging program is a unique therapeutic experience that enabled us as parents work successfully together - even when fulfilling different types of leadership roles.

Incorporating the horses is the perfect way to feel and model this journey and it's enjoyable - we walked away feeling more confident and empowered with actual skills and tools ready to be put into practice. And at home we saw many opportunities to do. We called upon our learnt experiences with a more successful outcome.

Feeling welcomed with tea and cake into a group whom are having similar experiences - ensured that we felt even more supported and there was no judgement. It was enlightening to hear about other peoples journeys and thoughts and we learnt from each other too.

Working in a group did not impact our individual needs and experiences and the highly experienced coaches ensured each and every one of us had all the time we needed.

Somewhere to Heal & Grow

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Since attending sessions at LtoL my child has grown enormously in confidence and happiness. My child has become adventurous and has the courage to try new things. They have developed their caring nature with the animals and their great sense of fun with the coaches. My child has found somewhere to heal and grow.

Such Warmth Radiating

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"A note to thank you so much for your time today. It was so lovely to meet you and to have a tour of the site. Despite the cold, gloomy January afternoon there was such warmth radiating around everywhere and it was a pleasure to feel it.

Such a Positive Influence

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"On Friday, she asked to go out and find mud!! She hasn't asked to go out in months. We went to a park and ended up walking in the stream - it was amazing. Such a positive influence following just one visit to Learning to Listen, thank you!

Equine Facilitated Coaching Training

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"My experience on this course has been such a journey, highs, lows and everything in between! I've learned so much about myself, at times loving it, at times really wanting to hide from all the revelations!

I've been inspired by my teachers, supported by my colleagues and totally in awe of the magical herd at Learning to Listen. To be able to learn and experience the wisdom of the horses has been an honour and a gift. 

For anyone wanting to discover more about themselves, others and the gift horses can offer, I would not think twice about joining." 

Equine Facilitated Coaching Training

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"As someone who has only ever experienced conventional talking therapy before, equine coaching is completely refreshing and enlivening- instead of talking about your feelings you are actually living with them as you interact with the horse and witness your own emotions and energy mirrored back to you."

I completed my training as a transformational coach through Learning to Listen

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"This 10 month journey was the most transformative experience of my life. I got to know myself on an incredibly deep level - both my shadows and my light - and learnt how to push my edges, heal and grow through it all .

This amazing course also facilitates equine coach training with these majestic animals."


I'm Now A Better Coach

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'My coaching this month has been with a focus on letting go of the thoughts of the ego and tuning into my intuition in its fullest form. It's hard to put into words as it is something that is felt and doesn't come from the mind; through following the energy and emotions beyond the words a client is saying, I can feel where the client is and am able to empathise more deeply."

Life Changing - Personally & Professionally

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"EFC has been no short of life changing for me on both a personal and professional level. I have learnt so much about myself and the things holding me back and have been able to heal these wounds in the most supportive and loving atmosphere. Investing in yourself is something I would recommend to anyone, and this course is this and so much more.

Absolutely Thriving

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"He's so pleased and I am delighted he is absolutely thriving at L2L. In fact he just woke me up excited to go today. I had to remind him it is half term 🙂

It was definitely the missing link in his provision and it is just the perfect environment for him. Your coaches are amazing too." 

Help Through Difficult Times

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Jack is finding most aspects of life extremely difficult at the moment, but has expressed that his time at Learning to Listen on a Tuesday, is when he is at his happiest."

Changing Lives

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

""AR" has had a BRILLIANT day, thanks again. Chatting all the way home about the day and "AB". What progress, you guys are amazing!" 

AR's Mum

What Our Students Say

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"I did not expect to be where I am now, this time last year"

"I would like to spend more time here, I feel listened to and supported."

"I can feel my confidence is growing."

What a lovely, solid foundation you've given my daughter

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"I wanted to let you know my daughter been on an absolute cloud since Friday. She spent Saturday and Sunday putting pictures into the journal you gave her and then writing long entries in another notebook, smiling and singing the entire time. Thank you so much for helping her have a great experience at Learning to Listen. She was convinced everything would go wrong, and you all had the patience and know-how to show her things are naturally up and down, but it's how we face it that can make it ultimately positive. Believe me, I understand what you were up against in changing her mind/giving her the right circumstances to learn for herself. What a lovely, solid foundation for her to be on as she goes forward."


What Our Students Say

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"I feel alive."

"The English tutor is brilliant here. I would definitely recommend her, she makes it fun."

"I feel like I fit in there."

"The coaches are hilarious , they are always laughing and full of banter."

Family coaching for Mother and Daughter with Autism Spectrum Condition

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“I wanted to email you and the team to say how amazing I think you are and to give you some specific feedback about what you did especially well. Firstly, that you met *Sophie with kindness and flexibility and you were quickly able to see that what she says and what she means are often so very far apart! You stayed true to your processes throughout and you worked hard to show her that she could trust you and that you would always listen.


I Didn't Like Being With Other Children

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“When I first came to the farm I didn’t enjoy being in large groups or being with other children my age at all. The farm has taught me how to keep and create healthy relationships with both the children and coaches.
I’m able to recognise when I use the skills I get from the farm in everyday life.”
Naomi, 16

Thank You!

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“Thank you to the team for making Hayley’s first session go so well. Hayley loved it! She has been very anxious over the weekend and worried about going but when she got back in the car she said “liked it” which is a big compliment.”

Parent testimonial

Making Positive Changes

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'I was full of fear and hurt and hiding away not wanting to be seen yet yearning for change and for someone to notice me and help me. There was my problem, I needed to help myself and to notice me and understand me and feel me."

High Standard of Coaching

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Sarah and Joanne our course facilitators are two women with passion and integrity who lead from the front. Being in their presence and seeing how they coach, hold space, question and challenge us set a very high standard for our coaching practice. I think their accredited coaching qualifications are quite possibly one of the best in the industry because they get to the heart of what it means to be a coach."

Professional Training

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"They are not teaching gimmicky frameworks or techniques . Their core teaching is that 'each of us hold our own answers' . Even as coaches we are not there to give advice, solve our clients problems or guide them towards a specific way of thinking . We are there to help them remember that they have all the answers inside of them. Transformation can be painful at times , but on he other side of the deepest resistance s the greatest of freedom."

Group Coach Makes Big Transformation

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'I have gone from blushing and going completely blank in 15-minute group coaching practice to facilitating full sessions for my practice clients. I have seen a huge shift in my relationship with my fears and how to deal with them."

Family coaching for Mother and Daughter with Autism Spectrum Condition

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

From a professional point of view, seeing how the horse’s kind of translate and amplify whatever the human is experiencing was so interesting. It was also great to see you have complete faith in the approach and models that you use even when things were tricky. In my background we always said that ’the wisdom is in the system’ which applied to both the process and to the individuals’ own systems. It’s something I truly believe, and it was great to see you doing your version of that.”

Thank You For Helping My Son

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"My son attended the farm with very challenging and violent behaviour, along with severe anxiety. The Farm have been able to work with him and help him understand his own behaviours and when crisis will happen. Only after a few weeks I could see the change and now months later we have a new boy in our life. Home life is so much better."

One to One Coaching

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'The knowledge and understanding I have gained from this course has altered all relationships I have. The fear of avoiding was far greater than the fear of embracing, listening and talking but not now."

WOW! Thank You

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“I wanted to message earlier and say “WOW”! She was like a different child today after the session, she was telling me all about it and in her words… “It was the best session ever!”.
She said she enjoyed it so much. Thank You! I’m so proud of her and all she’s achieved today.”
Parent testimonial.

Learning to Listen Has Enhanced My Life

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'My life has been rich and colourful so far and for the most part I was letting life happen to me but now life is happening for me, I have taken back control and I make my decisions for me for who I really am."

I Will Take All I Have Learned Into My Future

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“Thank you for helping me form healthy and safe ways of improving my mental health whilst giving me independence. I will miss the people and animals so much but will take everything I have learnt into the future with me.”
Rebecca, 16

Positive Changes

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"'This course has been the most transformational, life-changing thing I have every embarked upon. The friendships I have made and the journey I have been on with them and within myself is incredible."

I Really Love It Here

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“Thank you so much for letting me come here, this is really helping me. I love it here.”

Shane, 14

I'm Excited for the Future

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

"Thank you both so much for everything you and the course have given me. You've literally changed my life and I'm excited by what the future holds for me as I continue to grow and push on with my personal development and my coaching practice."

A Different Perspective

Names changed to protect confidentiality.

“Riding Bonnie gives you a whole different perspective – physically and emotionally.”

Mark, 14

Immediate Change

"On Friday, she asked to go out and find mud!! She hasn't asked to go out in months. We went to a park and ended up walking in the stream - it was amazing. Such a positive influence following just one visit to Learning to Listen, thank you!"


School Alliance

We are delighted to announce that we have have an alliance with East Hall School who have successfully passed the pre-opening OFSTED inspection process.

They are now taking admission enquiries. Please contact them for a referral pack and for more information.



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